Hotel Resort Villa Sabella

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The restoration-renewal of an ancient
property, located at Via del Fusaro and called “Villa Sabella”, was intended to eventually host multi-purpose ceremony ac-tivities. The complex consists of a four levels building: the ground floor destined to executive offices, dressing room and staff bathroom; the first floor hosting a 120 seats, 142.00 square meters room for ceremonies, with DJs and live music corner; the second floor there for a 104.00 square meters lounge bar with a terrace, a bar counter, an area (office) for the storage of products and a lift for goods; finally, the third floor with a 42.00 square meters privé and a relax area. The kitchens are equipped with fume hoods and connected to a chimney rising to the roof of the building. All rooms are air conditioned facility with heating / cooling and ventilation.