structures – transportation – infrastructures

The projects of structural and infrastructural works include a wide range of applications: complex building systems, bridge and tunnels. The strategy of stimulation as well as of satisfaction of the demand for large scale works is supported by the most sophisticated calculation methods, continu-ous theoretical updating and a research-oriented sector.

Large scale projects in the fields of building, road and railway facilities are currently in progress, among which: the completion of the Business District of Naples, the underground connection between the harbour of Pozzuoli and the centre of the city, and Naples Ring Road (included in the National Interest Works Act), viaducts and tunnels of the road system between the SA-RC highway and the harbour of Salerno, the Pompei-Scavi Railway Station and the high speed Naples Railway Station (with AKT London); geo-technical consulting activities for infrastructural works, among which the Messina-Palermo and Siracusa-Gela highways of Consorzio Autostrade Siciliane (1999-2008).