THP since 2003 has pooled together different experts who had been cooperating for over twenty years and faces large scale complex projects through design management procedures.

Interaction (environment, landscape, architecture, eco-sustainability, energy, systems, structures, technologies, infrastructures, transports, planning) strongly characterize THP activities, which combine professional skills, specific expertise and organization, far beyond the usual engineering companies or any possible occasional pool. THP operates in ISO 9001:2000 quality control; it pools together more than 120 professional people; projects or works in progress by some 5 bill.€; volume of invoice in the last five years some 35 mill.€.

Integrated designing – where architecture, systems and environment merge – is thoroughly applied to projects, stressing innovative technological features.

The most significant systems applications already implemented or in progress include: hospital buildings, service buildings, restorations, hydraulic infrastructures, urban facilities.

Large scale projects in the fields of building and of road and railway facilities are currently in progress. The performance analysis is carried out by WBS methods (Work Breakdown Structure) which take into account the three specific data groups of each project. The monitoring criterion is also followed during the work progress through the accounting control based on the permanent comparison between estimates and implementation.

Due to their environmental and sustainable features the Group’s projects have been awarded prizes and recognitions.