architecture – landscape – environment

Integrating landscape and man-made works; image and functional requirements and flexibility; environment and technology are the professional ground where significant experiences have gathered
together (university structures, museums, libraries, hospitals, high rise buildings, monuments restoration, urban re-designing, parks, etc.), where the buildings merge with landscape aspects,
town-planning criteria, bioclimatic and environmental features, innovative technologies.

The design process, from general planning to urban projects, from parks to monuments restoration, has developed by integrating multidisciplinary analyses and a strict care of architectural
details. Some of the most significant works where the above mentioned standards and integrated design criteria have been applied are: the complex of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery General
Hospital, University of Caserta; Sangiorgio Public Library in Pistoia; the “Science City ”, the Human Body Museum and the Sports Park in Naples-Bagnoli; the Secondary School Complex in Camerino;
the Enel Towers at the Office District in Naples; the Archaeological Route and the restoration of the Temple/Cathedral in Pozzuoli; the landscape and environment layout of Borgo dei Posseri in Ala,
the analysis of environmental feasibility and rehabilitation of the Selva di Chiaiano.