technologies – planning – costs

The technological features are defined by the project’s performance standards combining all the involved technical skills in view of a strict compliance with the required specifications.
The performance analysis is carried out by WBS methods (Work Breakdown Structure) which
take into account the three specific data groups of each project
(Performances-Spaces-Technologies). The WBS based operational planning is implemented also in the integrated management of the project documents including the detailed technical specifica-tions, descriptions and performance features of each individual part of the work.

The economic estimates, also WBS based, are developed since the concept design stage and are constantly updated following increasingly detailed definition in order to effectively monitor costs. The monitoring criterion is also followed during the work progress through the accounting control based on the permanent comparison between estimates and implementation.
The following works have been completed or are in progress:
Caserta General Hospital; the “Science City” and the Human Body Museum in Naples; Sangiorgio Library in Pistoia; the Sporting Park in Naples; the Naples Trade Centres; the Ingastone Tower, in Palermo; the facility plants in Salerno – West Gate; the high-speed Naples-Afragola Railway Station.