energy – facilities – eco-sustainability

The availability of new technologies enables systems to meet functional needs (comfort and safety) as well as stimulate other requirements (energy and environment) continuously improving human living conditions. Integrated designing – where architecture, systems and environment merge – is thoroughly applied to projects, stressing the innovative features of systems technolo-gies.

The most significant systems applications already implemented or in progress include: hospi-tal buildings (Faculty of Medicine – General Hospital, Caserta; Medical Centre at Lumezzane, Mau-geri Foundation, Brescia); service buildings (Grand Hotel Palazzo Caracciolo – ACCOR – Naples; Trade Centre Torre Ingastone (Coop)-Palermo); restorations (Petruzzelli Theatre – Bari; Carignano Theatre – Torino; Venaria Reale Royal Palace – Torino; Egyptian Museum – Torino); hydraulic infra-structures (Maghnia Aqueduct in Algeria; Skikda Aqueduct in Algeria); urban facilities (Sporting Park in Naples; the big Solar Farm in Monreale where energy, agriculture, environment and land-scape combine together).

Due to their environmental and sustainable features the Group’s projects have been awarded prizes and recognitions (Prize Architettura/Tecnologia/Ambiente of Teuco-Guzzini, Recanati; Men-tion special au “Trophée de la Terre et du Bâtiment” for the Science City – Bagnoli, etc…).