Archeological Route

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Design, construction management for the accommodation of some islets subject of extensive archaeological excavations below the Rione Terra. The project, involving the insulae 3, 6 and 7 of the greek-roman Rione Terra, started only after the restoration of archaeological sites and artifacts, and aimed to draw a path which, while allowing the passage of the visitors on new structures, could leave the ancient traces unaltered as well. The solutions had to meet also the need to expose small manufacts and host an adequate illumination system.

The restorations have affected a wide area (the entire area east of the Temple of Augustus, between the Via Ripa and modern street Cathedral on the north axis that follows one of decumani). The pedestrian route was designed as a transpa-rent walkway suspended on the ancient cobbled decuman paving so to allow visitors to enjoy the original walking surfa-ce and the underlying tank-rooms. The suspended structure is a flexible element, suited to the variety of environments and crossovers: the boardwalk and the vertical connections – ma-de up with modular elements completed with a safety railing – combines stainless steel and glass walking surface covered by an additional sheet of laminated glass with satin border
(easily replaceable) in order to better display the archaeolo-gical area below.

A careful lighting project has featured be-ams of light aimed at maintaining a constant lighting level along any of the route areas. Continuous wires and purposely designed copper pipes have been suitably insulated to give the out-of-track system a very limited visual impact.