Bar Ferrarelle

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The goal of the project deals with giving a strong image to a food, the first of its kind, branded FERRARELLE. The idea of the product must necessarily come out in a clear way through the architecture of its bar. Hence the basic idea to draw the bright red color and the wave-shaped lines, distinctive ele-ments of the product image. The color returns on most verti-cal surfaces of the bar and waves, simplified, draw the bottom part of the container. The shiny mirror were intended to give the whole image brightness and light. The bar is part of a large shopping center in Marcianise (Caserta), situated in a last generation shopping mall, addressed to élite customers searching for a good quality product and a well-known brand. The two rooms, together with the reinforced concrete struc-ture, have suggested the distribution of local, bisected by a septum dividing the two main functions: bar and fast refresh-ment. The dynamic image is obtained through the shiny mate-rials, a mirror-type stoneware polished floor and light, neutral wall colors to emphasize the basic idea.
The back counter vertical panels, shiny as well, glow in stainless steel sheet porcelain and are lacquered in red, while the shelves come off in frosted backlit glass to emphasize their lightness. The bench is made with opaline backlit methacrylate panels, with stainless steel finishes. The ceiling compact surfaces edit semi-transparent volumes in PVC back-lit sheet satin, escaping from matt surface, and help to create a dynamic game of light. A distinctive feature is the sitting bench (in plate red backlit porcelain) that ideally divides the two environments and the two functions.