University Hospital

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Renewal of the “Umberto I” Teaching Hospital in Rome.
The proposed requalification is based on the work of great architectural and environmental impacts that derive their rea-sons and characterization of the objectives required by the client. The organizational models proposed based on the as-sumption that the project will ensure the smooth unfolding of the assistance functions, teaching and research within the constraints, hygienic and economical management.
The distribution of functions has followed a logic of redevelop-ment and reorganization of the areas with the highest techno-logical impact, and the centralization of activities homogene-ous currently distributed across multiple locations.
The reorganization of the clinic area is based on the aggrega-tion policy for “progressive care” in physical terms that results in development of functional areas characterized by: a
“technological core” in the center of the clinical band, home to the Operating theater and ICUs (Intensive Care); an area dedicated to emergency and Inpatient high degree of assis-tance (High Care); an area intended Inpatient medium degree of assistance (Medium Care); an area for day services.