Portici Coastside

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Coastal protection works and nourishment in Portici (NA); The design of the works mentioned above covered the part of coastline falling in the City of Portici (NA), between the Mu-seum of Pietrarsa and the Port Granatello, for a total length of about 1.8 km. The works have been provided to protect the coastal waste water main pipe of Portici; they consist of a series of parallel reefs in natural rocks of volcanic origin, partly emerged and partially submerged obtained by an ad-vancement of the pre-existing breakwaters adjacent to the railway line.
Some of the emerged reefs were provided in continuity with the existing ones, while the others are detached from the coastline; in particular the last ones have been constructed to protect the ancient buildings of “Villa Lancillotti” and “Villa d’Elbeouf” close to the Bath Aurora lido.

Almost in the middle of the protected coastline, it has been provided an artificial beach nourishment sand of about 25-30 m width, suitably protected by a submerged detached breakwater (length of about 350 m), and two little semi-submerged groins placed at a distance of about 200 m between them.
An additional artificial nourishment has been provided in the area adjacent to the port Granatello; even in such case, the nourishment was adequately protected by an emerged groin connected to the ground and a detached breakwater obtained by the extension of the existing northern breakwater of the port of Granatello.
The works have been completed in 2004-2005.