Plan for Botteghelle’s Area

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Adaptability is the quality of a space that can be easily modi-fied in harmony with the changes to which its use is subject or may be subject. It’s what occurred in Botteghelle Area. Here, after the dismission of an ancient railway, nature took possession again of the spaces.
This area needs urgently to reduce its ecological footprint to help resolving the energy crisis, combat the greenhouse ef-fect and preserve nonrenewable resources.
The goal was to save resources through proper use of the soil, water and vegetation, leaving large green areas to their natural state so they could become a link between the pre-extent nature and the future green area.

The project consists in three different landscape layers:

  1. Primary Natural Matrix l for the natural areas to be protected;
  2. Ordered Matrix for the “urban green” or, with an Anglo-Saxon term, “urban forestry”;
  3. Matrix Technology, components and plant systems aimed at the management of storm water and wetlands of the same for irrigation, which is useful to increase the biotic potential in support of ecological continuity and promote the principles of energy conservation.