New Tourin-Lyon Railway

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The project includes the setting up of both the input and out-put ramps for the construction of the new Chiomonte inter-change on the A32 highway Torino-Bardonecchia. The ramps lye on a viaduct and are connected to the highway at the Viadotto Clarea, a P/C viaduct on continuous beam with vari-able inertia, pre-stressed by post-tensioned cables, made with precast ashlars. The decks, on a curvilinear layout, are in a steel-concrete mixed structure with the static scheme of a continuous beam on multiple supports and spans from 40 up to 50 meters long. The standing piers are up to 47 meters high. In addition to the two ramps, the project also includes two mixed-structure decks, the first one with three spans of 35 mts and the other one with a 41 mts long single span. For the design of the entrance and exit ramps of the A32 at the Susa Terminal Interchange viaducts have been used. The first segment of the deck is developed on four spans whose maximum length is 24m and composed of a double steel beam and composite concrete slab.
The study of the design slopes highlighted the need for a very shallow structure overpass at the crossing with the highway lane required in order to allow a sufficient free height on the highway lane. This need lead to the idea to introduce a cable-stayed bridge over passing the whole lanes on both drive sides. The bridge is composed of two spans, each 45.36m long, with two end piers and a central mast supporting seven suspension cables for each of the two spans of the deck. Seven cables are provided along each span. Proceeding in the northern direction, the viaduct will be characterised by an additional two or three span deck, whose maximum length is 24m, composed of a double-beam structure and composite concrete slab