Mc Donald’s

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The project, designed for McDonald’s Italy inside the St. Paul mall, features a fluid, virtual space in order to avoid rigid walls – that would fragment the room – or, at the opposite, an ex-cessively spread, ordinary space. Hence the invention of higher tables able to make the organization of the sessions easier and to articulate the large size of the room giving the chance to embrace the entire space just sitting or standing. These items were pursued through a steel frame covered by plywood panels finished with Alpikord laminate which shows, at the top, a set to arrange flowers and plants.
As for the bench, a key element in the organization of McDon-ald’s settings all over the world, it has been designed to meet functional needs together with a clean and bright public ap-pearance. The outer face was made with a back-lit, transpar-ent, resin-decorated panel, with polychrome vivid colors; the back is instead finished with a glass paste-tiles wall, always back-lit, which draws the attention of even the most casual customer. The same treatment was repeated in the poly-chrome bench also to mask the bearing structure and make it visually lighter. Finally, to homogenize the space the ceiling reproduces the same pattern of the floor: bundles of straight intersected lines departing from the outstanding points of the structure which also become luminous signs stuck in the ceil-ing, responsible for the illumination of the whole (galvanized metal casing fixed to the floor has been used for the housing of the lighting fixtures, closed down by glass paste elements with ceramic diffuser film in dark and light blue).