Sporting Park

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Preliminary and final design, with building supervision, of a sporting park settlement -fully compatible with the natural environment and landscape- and a camping area totally respectful of the local hydro-geological features and its context
The park is spread over an ex-industrial area west of Naples, located in a particularly landscape and ecological environment valuable area. Located next to the seaside and the new urban park, it consists in a large area between the Posillipo hill and the town.

The project draws inspiration from the morphology of the surrounding area, “Campi Flegrei”, with strong volcanic features that have shaped the overall design: the main activities are distributed into three units: the “craters”. The purpose is to promote a new land-scape, highly integrated with the existing, able to perform both ecological and recreational functions.

Solids and voids alternate (trees and meadows, sport fields and equipment) so to create a landscape gradient according to multiple shades, ranging from the natural to the
artificial, from a free and natural green to an urban and designed one. The green heritage of the Park consists in more than 150,000 plants (of which 235 represented by existing trees), belonging to 158 different
species selected among plants mainly belonging to the potential vegetation of the place, a high-rate Biodiversity Park.