Pinetamare Marina

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Located in South Tirreno Sea, a few miles north west of Naples in Campania Region, Marina di Pinetamare will form the centrepiece of one of Italy’s largest leisure developments; with Capri, Amalfi and Positano all within 60 nm, the Marina is set to become one of southern Italy’s key yachting centres. It has a 50 ha protected basin, for 1200 berths, 17 fixed piers (of variable lenghts) and more sopraflutto quays. The internal bottom of the Marina is variable between 3.5 m and 8.0 m. There will be also n. 20 berths for fishing boats, n. 20 berths for racing sailboats, n. 120 berths for transit units; besides, it will be realized a protected basin area (1.8 ha) for mooring of maritime transport regional lines. The infrastructures on the ground areas are organized with two “islands” (East and West), where services are located.

The Eastern island is pro-vided with the sailing club, sporting facilities (even competi-tive) and support services, while the western island will host any other facility (bars, restaurants, shops, yachting club, green areas, parking). There will be a multi-purpose center (Nautic court) for leisure, cultural, directional and commercial activities. The 2500 parking units are distributed in the Ma-rina ground areas as well as many parking box. As for the services, the Marina provides a pump-out station, water and electrical columns for every berth, video-security for all the internal areas and piers, sewage and rainwater disposal net. The Marina works are now in progress.