Mephisto Night Club

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This project offers a total solution of continuity between the club and the structural context in which it is set: the container body is, in fact, completely canceled and, together with it, the material consistency of the walls and vaults that characterize it. The use of sharp lights of bluish colors and shiny metals such as aluminum and steel gives life to a cold and alienating atmosphere: the result changes the very physical size of the rooms with real illusionistic effects (the backlit marble makes the entrance area look wider than real). An unreal atmos-phere, then, for a kind of modern ‘descent into hell’: a bridge made of aluminum allows you to “ferry” the public entrance to the central hall, lifting it up from the floor (with its red inserts evoking the magma flowing into the bowels of the earth). This is the focal point of the entire room, featured by sinuous line of the central railing, so large that it can be used as a shelf for glasses. The space is thus divided into two parts: the bridge aluminum walkway and a path passing from the steel floor to the imposing six meter long bar counter, made of aluminum and flamed steel. Powerful sign of style, the bar area is a prelude to the dance floor and becomes the key to the entire room. The visitors flow is in fact divided over the railing, and then gathers near the stage area, next to the dance floor, entirely occupied by tables and chairs. A sort of underground manages to create an architectural metaphoric space that goes beyond the stereotype.