Hotel Villa Carolina

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Settled halfway between the beach and the tuff cliff of Forio d’Ischia, this long-time neglected, scenically charming building has finally found his ideal destination through a complete architectural and functional re-design.
An historic Tower, next to the hotel, plunges its foundations in the courtyard of the building so affecting the basic choices of the project: to leave the maximum visibility to the tower itself (by not re-building the collapsed walls) and use the whole building as a distinctive element of ascent to the tower and the centre of the village of Forio.

A wide self-supporting glass replaces the collapsed parts closing the court yard; slender elements cross the bridge between the different levels while the long central staircase in transparent glass turns to be almost carved into
the tuff rock at the end.
On the seafront, the ground floor hosts a lounge bar-area and a lobby furnished with custom-designed furniture in eb-ony wood and curved gold leaf-covered surfaces.