Gargano Marina

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Located in the Manfredonia Gulf in Puglia Region, Marina del Gargano is the new Marina of South Adriatic Sea. The boats until 30 m are moored on n. 10 floated piers (each of 170 m) provided with fingers, while the maxi yachts until 50 m are moored along the “sopraflutto” quay. The internal bottom of the Marina is variable between 3.0 m and 6.5 m. The main Marina facilities are the boat yard with a covered storage boats area (0.82 ha), shops, yacht club, restaurants, bars and a petrol station of 180 m3 capacity; nearby the Marina entrance it is located the control tower. The parking spaces for 850 units, are uniformely distributed in the Marina ground areas. As concerns the services, in the Marina is provided of a pump-out station, water and electrical columns for every berth, video-security for all the internal areas and piers, sew-age and rainwater disposal net.
The Marina works have been completed in July of 2013.