Apartment in Milan

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Born as a pied à terre in the center of Milan for a couple from Naples, this “small attic” in Corso Como (a central point for design and shopping, close to Brera and not far from the fashionable Quadrilateral) has become an attractive apart-ment conceived in a distinctly contemporary approach. Gnosis Architecture has tried to grasp the true essence, unex-pressed, of those rooms: instead of dark and cramped attics, through a painstaking restoration, the house has been thought anew, proposing strong brightness features, typical of Naples’ sunny days.
The real theme of the intervention, indeed, is the light as well as the color that spreads all around: total white.
Once all partitions have been deleted, the wooden structure of the roof (made of four dormer windows along the pitch of the roof) was brought to light and it was decided to delete any other distraction to the basic simplicity of the whole. The target of the intervention was to achieve two units, sepa-rable and independently managed.