The City Of Science

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Opposite to the island of Nisida, the site includes a 19th cen-tury industrial zone, exposition areas, an auditorium, labora-tories, library, mediatheque and snack bar, with eco-compatibility given top priority throughout. The project in-cludes works of land art: the “pathway of science” by Dani Karavan and, next to the chimney-periscope, the “world hole”, from an idea by Fred Forest. In the internal spaces continu-ous itineraries can be created, shaping the ground like a Moebius strip and creating continuity and discontinuity be-tween the built and non-built elements. CORPOREA the human body museum shows a trapezoidal plan going thinner at each level; the sloping roof opens the perspective towards the Coroglio Mountain ant the Virgilian Park; the IMAX cinema has a circular plan and a dome closure. A pedestrian bridge connects the Museum of Sciences, the Congress Centre and the appointment for the arrival from the sea.
The design follows the principles of sustainable architecture.